My name is Ray and this is my story.

I came to the states at the age of 3. I'm a DACA recipient.

On a tourist visa, my mom was told she wasn't going back to Haiti then sent for me. I was educated in Catholic school up until college. I'm a Temple University Alum(Aug2007).

Coming from a carribean ghetto in Flatbush Brooklyn, many of my friends didn't earn my merits, though citizen they chose other paths. My brother was born here in 86, my daughter 08, my son 2015. My mom died as a resident alien(thru brother at age 21) in 2008. I dedicate my life to my family, so school, work where my only options, college cash. If I had financial aide, I would be doing neurological engineering with a concurrent child advocate law esq vision.

Great basketball player, good father, aba therapy with an DBA certification. Car, house, 2 kids. Why end DACA when in 2012 I was finally granted the right to be free.

Ray Cassy Brooklyn, NY

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