Timothy Kaine
Virginia · Democratic Senator

Representative Kaine supports the President taking Executive Action on immigration reform.

Please thank him for his support.

Senator Timothy Kaine supports fixing our broken immigration system by creating a system that would keep the best and brightest here, secure our borders, and provide an earned path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants. Please thank Senator Kaine for supporting reform and urge him to continue pressing Senate leadership to act on reform now.

El congresista Timothy Kaine apoya reparar nuestro sistema migratorio roto al crear un sistema que mantendría a los inmigrantes más preparados en el país, aseguraría nuestras fronteras y proporcionaría un camino ganado a la ciudadanía para 11 millones de inmigrantes indocumentados. Dele las gracias al congresista Kaine por apoyar la reforma e ínstele a seguir presionando al liderazgo de la Cámara a tomar acción ahora mismo.

Immigration Stances

  • yes Voted or Co-Sponsored a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill
    Sen Kaine voted "Yea" on S. 744 which passed with 68 Senators in favor. View Vote 06/27/13
  • yes Public Support for Earned Citizenship
    The United States takes great pride in being a nation of immigrants. Since our founding, the men and women who have come to this country from around the world have been integral to our society, bringing skills and talents that help ensure we remain competitive in a global economy. Immigration is fundamentally a question of talent. And any attempt to improve our broken immigration system should strive to attract and retain the most talented people in the world who will help build a 21st century economy. For far too long, our immigration system has placed undue burdens on legal immigrants and kept millions of others living in the shadows of our society. I support a bipartisan approach to immigration reform that will provide a better visa system to encourage growth of a talented workforce, enhance our border security, create a path to normalizing the legal status of those here unlawfully - following compliance with various requirements such as payment of taxes and a fine - and establish a better system for companies to verify the immigration status of their employees. I was proud to join a majority of my Senate colleagues to pass a historic comprehensive immigration reform package in June 2013, as well as speak about its importance in Spanish on the Senate floor. View Source
  • yes Public Statements Urging Action
  • yes Public Support for DREAMers
    “Attorney General Herring’s announcement that Virginia DREAMers will now qualify for in-state tuition at Virginia’s public community colleges and universities is welcome news for our Commonwealth. Access to quality, affordable higher education will provide an additional path to help them reach their full potential and ultimately help grow Virginia’s economy as productive members of the state’s workforce and their communities. These are young people in whom we have already invested through public elementary and secondary education and who deserve the opportunity to fully give back to the only country they have ever called home.” View Source 04/29/14
  • yes Supports Some Form of Legalization for Undocumented Immigrants
  • yes Public Willingness to Consider Immigration Reform
  • no Strongly Opposes Immigration Reform
  • yes Public Support for High Skilled Immigration Reform
    “First-generation Americans have always found a home for their ideas and entrepreneurial spirit in America. That’s why I’m pleased to once again co-sponsor the Startup Act,” said Sen. Kaine. “By providing entrepreneurs and foreign students who are educated in American universities with the ability to pursue career opportunities here, the Startup Act will help grow Virginia’s diverse talent pool, fill STEM vacancies in American companies and create employment opportunities in new business ventures for American workers.” View Source 01/16/15

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